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Tad, HumCap

Daniel’s training for HumCap was filled with truth, engagement, and connection to participants of all backgrounds and levels. It was a joy to participate in. It broadened our view on what effective servant leadership looks like and helped us move the needle on becoming better leaders

David, Chick-fil-A

Walking through the Life Planning Process with Daniel has been the greatest investment I have made in myself. The Process reveals the path where talents, dreams and purpose intersect so that the world receives what only you were made to bring into it.

Bryan, HP Pres

The coaching has clarified what it means to lead well and how to step into a new work challenge with courage and resilience. 

Matt, Chick-fil-A

LifePlan has drawn out the best of me in all of my life’s domains. Everyone close to me (especially my wife and children) are thankful for the LifePlan process and are benefitting from it.

Max, Chick-fil-A

LifePlan helped me to focus and advance myself in every area of my life. It helped me to see where I have been and where I am going in order to plan for the future.

John, EventBooking

The faciliation and coaching helped us articulate our vision and goals, helped us learn to communicate openly and honestly with each other, and set us on a path that to a steady climb in the upward direction.

Brad, Chick-fil-A

Through the 2-day LifePlan retreat I now see how God made me and how to intentionally live out God’s purpose for my life through my unique talents. I now have clarity and a filter for setting priorities, replenishing my energies, time allocation, making decisions, and living today in light of my Opus Gloria. I’m so thankful for this deep-dive plan as I now know what my unique purpose is and how to live it out.

Angela, Grace Pres

Thanks to the prayerful guidance and coaching, I have been able to elevate my personal leadership potential by developing and executing a leadership development plan, identifying and rectifying leadership blindspots, and discovering untapped leadership potential.

Michael, Chick-fil-A

My director team struggled with connecting with each other as one cohesive team. However through weekly lesson plans, that were eye opening for each of them, they began to trust one another and figure out they were not so different. Each week we were challenged with insights that caused us to think differently, trust openly, and create a tighter bond. 


For me, as their leader, watching each of them figure out their goals in life, then working together to achieve business goals was inspiring, truly this was a great experience.

David, Chick-fil-A

The expertise of the coach, coupled with industry-leading tools & resources, has set me on a trajectory to maximize my leadership effectiveness. I appreciate how the coaching was customized to meet the needs of the client rather than providing a cookie-cutter approach. I’ve worked with other coaches in the past, but none helped me gain my current level of traction.

Jake, Munger Place Church

For years I had felt frustrated, insecure, and stuck in my leadership. Why? I was to trying to lead like a “Moses”, when I am an “Aaron”. My place is not on the mountain, listening to God, as an architect of vision. My sweet spot is in communicating and implementing the vision someone else created. I want to get stuff done through execution and administration! Leadership coaching helped me identify and articulate my gifts, strengths, and leadership tendencies. I was given tools to maximize my talents and minimize the effects of my weaknesses. Simply put, everyone needs a coach.

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