Daniel Allen Coaching exists to inspire and equip leaders to create outcomes that matter for the greater of good.

We work with senior executives, leadership teams, and enterprising individuals to help them identify where they are, where they want to go, why it matters, and how to get there.

Our LifePlan facilitation guides you to live true to your purpose and make your unique contribution.

Our Leader Development engagements guide you to holistic deepening of your leadership - both being and doing, leadership consciousness and leadership process.

Daniel Allen is Principal at Daniel Allen Coaching and a Certified Practitioner with The Leadership Circle®. As such, he is part of a global community of 5,000 practitioners. When Daniel and his team work with you, they tap into the talent, guidance, and world-class tools of a global coaching community.

The Leadership Circle Profile™, the Collective Leadership Assessment™, and the Leadership System were developed and are owned by The Leadership Circle®.

Daniel is also a Paterson Guide. As part of the Paterson Tribe he can guide you through the proven Paterson LifePlan® Process for your life, and StratOp Process® for your organization or church.

Paterson LifePlan® and StratOp® are owned by Paterson Center LLC.


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