Discovery-based Processes. 

We start with your story and context to discover together the truth that will clarify your direction and next steps. We’re not prescriptive on the front end but surface the perspective that points to the solution.


Client-focused Results. 

When you win, we win. Like an independent financial advisor, we’re not limited to one school of thought or set of tools. We guide you to the tools that are best suited to your situation.


Integrated Perspective. 

We leverage the insights of leading social science experts and faith-based scholars to guide you to timely truth. Our approach is both/and not either/or.

Redemptive Movement. 

Our ultimate objective is to join God’s mission to renew all things. We honor the efforts of enterprising individuals and entrepreneurial teams who are leading initiatives and movements that make the world a better place for as many people as possible.



We are successful at the end of our engagements when clients can:

  • Clearly state where they're going, why it matters, and how they'll get there

  • Inspire and enlist stakeholders with that vision and plan

  • Implement the plan with the right people in the right places

  • Enact the systems and processes that ensure consistent results

  • Replenish the energy needed to lead with calm and clarity in the face of complexity

Daniel Allen is Principal at Daniel Allen Coaching and a certified Paterson Guide. As part of the Paterson Tribe he can guide you through the Paterson LifePlan® Process for your life, and StratOp Process® for your organization or church.

Daniel is also a certified practitioner with The Leadership Circle®. As such, he can tap into the talent, guidance, and world-class tools of a global community of leader development practitioners.

The Leadership Circle Profile™, the Collective Leadership Assessment™, and the Leadership System were developed and are owned by The Leadership Circle®. Paterson LifePlan® and StratOp® are owned by Paterson Center LLC.