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Don't get caught without a plan.

Less than 46% of organizations have a vibrant strategic plan, down from 55% pre-pandemic. The new normal keeps changing and growing more complex. Now is the time to realign your organization's vision and strategy to address the growing complexities and seize emerging opportunities. Create clarity, identify priorities, and plan your future with StratOp, a proven system used to grow well known companies like Otter Box, nonprofits like The Bible Project, and churches of all sizes.
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Create a strategic plan with clear action to move your organization forward.
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Align your team around clear priorities and accountabilities for each role.
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Put in place the structure and systems needed to realize your vision.

Paterson StratOP® is owned by Paterson Center LLC.

How StratOp Differs:

Most strategic planning processes move as quickly as possible from perceived problem to assumed solution, missing key insights that give unity and competitive advantage.

StratOp is different, emphasizing perspective first. When we first understand where we are and how we got here, our plans for the future are built on sharper insight and provide more effective solutions.

More than a one-time planning event, StratOp is a full system that moves from the big picture vision to practical action steps. We help you install a suite of management tools that equip your team to ensure your vision becomes a reality. 

Paterson StratOP® is owned by Paterson Center LLC.

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