When the leader rises, the whole team rises.

Studies reveal that more than 50% of leaders don't see themselves the way peers and team members see them - and that they are not as effective as they think. As culture continues to move away from hierarchical and patriarchal styles of leadership, now is the time to transform leaders in their inner game (leadership consciousness and presence) and outer game (leadership process and competencies). To transform and scale your leadership:

Our Process

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Proven Solutions

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*The Leadership Circle Profile™, the Collective Leadership Assessment™, and the Leadership System

were developed and are owned by The Leadership Circle®.

What You Get

For You:

  • CLARITY: greater awareness of how others view your leadership effectiveness 

  • CONFIDENCE: for increasing your capacity to provide better leadership

  • COURAGE: to address the complexities and challenges of your situation

For the Organization:

  • CULTURE: A common framework for resolving leadership challenges

  • ALIGNMENT: Accelerated progress for achieving goals and objectives

  • BETTER RESULTS: A foundation for scaling leadership throughout your organization